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​How Do I Place An Order?


To place a order.. Click on "Shop" then choose an item you would like to order and thick "Add to cart" once you're done. Click "Checkout" then you'll put in payment type. And it will ask you to confirm your order. 


Payment and Shipping


If you want to pay and have it shipped to your house. Choose a payment type at checkout then you'll be ask to put in your address for shipping. "Reminder Shipping fee is $10.00 in United States" Then click Confirm. 

​Returns & Refunds


Returns are shipped back within 30 days , if the item is not shipped back to us within 30 days you will NOT get a refund. All orders have to be back in order to get your Refund -CEO/FOUNDER


Privacy Policy


Do not give out any Private information from "Ronnyy's Handmade Treasures" Everything that's being said or typed by Us. You will not be ordering if you're giving false advertisement. Please contact us if you see ANYONE using any of our products. Thank You! 

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